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You & Me candle, romantic gifts, valentines gifts
You & Me Hidden Message Candle
You & Me Hidden Message Candle
You & Me Hidden Message Candle

You & Me Hidden Message Candle

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You & Me Hidden Message Candle

To enhance our romantic message candle collection we have created YOU & ME which will add a special touch to any occasion.

This candle is a perfect way to show someone you love them because unlike most candles you just burn and throw away, a Melting Messages candle has been designed as a keepsake to remember that special occasion by.

The element of surprise brings excitement to any relationship, so why not send that special person a secret message inside a candle to say ‘You & Me’. We have thought of the little details in design by including a love heart in the letter 'O' just to add extra attention on a unique and romantic gift.

Product Specification

All our candles are supplied with the tray to burn the candle in, so you don't need to worry about dripping wax on your surfaces. We then wrap and sticker each candle by hand and place inside a stylish box.

All our candles are unscented

Burn time: half an hour

Each candle has been assembled and hand poured in the UK.

Candle weight: 700g

Candle plus tray size: 22cm x 7.5cm x 9.5cm